The Arts Program at CCSA

CCSA was founded on the principle that arts education is vital to each child's learning process and development. We seek to empower all students to reach their full potential through the incorporation of arts education during both the school day and the extended day program. Studies have shown that exposure to and instruction in the arts helps children develop memory, comprehension and critical-thinking skills and also aids in mastering other subjects, including mathematics and reading.

In addition to the arts-integrated study built into the daily curriculum, CCSA students also benefit from classes with specialists in drama, music, dance, and visual arts. The Pennsylvania Academic Standards for the Arts form the basis for these lessons, just as the state's academic standards are implemented and applied in the study of reading, writing, listening, speaking, mathematics, science and the humanities. Students will also have classes in Spanish and physical education. During the week, students will come together for an "Afternoon Sing," a unique choral-music experience under the direction of Dr. John Alston.

During each school year, CCSA families can look forward to additional avenues of enrichment in the arts, including field trips and visits from professional musicians and dance companies, all intended to enhance the students' artistic and academic development.

It is also expected that students will create and present their own art and media projects, which will be displayed in the school and globally on the World Wide Web. School assemblies and seasonal concerts will provide an opportunity for students to participate in performances and showcase the skills they have acquired in dance, visual arts, drama and music.

It is imperative that our families understand that the school's mission centers on the concepts of arts integration and arts enrichment. Given this understanding, we expect CCSA families to put forth their best effort to support their children's education in this unique environment. With equal commitment and dedication to both academics and the arts, family support is essential to CCSA's objective:  to guide all children to develop their full potential. 


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