Conduct Expectations - “The CCSA Way”

At The Chester Charter School for the Arts, I will do the following to help myself and others succeed:


Be Safe

This means that I walk calmly, stay in my own personal space, follow directions, and remain in assigned areas. 


Be Peaceful

This means that I listen to others and solve problems with words.


Be Respectful

This means that I use appropriate words, body language, facial expressions, and tone of voice.


Be Caring

This means that I use kind words, help others, and think of their feelings.


Be Responsible

This means that I make good choices that help me learn and do my best work. I am on-time and prepared for success each day. This also means that I “leave no trace” and “make it better.”


Be Honest

This means that I tell the truth even when it is hard to do.


Required Uniform (K-8)*

Students must be in uniform EVERY DAY unless otherwise communicated in writing by CCSA administrators or staff. The CCSA uniform consists of the following:

*Check Parent Information Section for 9th grade uniform expectations.


  • Black uniform pants, shorts or skirts (NO denim, leggings or sweatpants). Gray is no longer permitted.
  • Shorts/skirts must be knee length.


  • Collared solid gray, red or white short or long-sleeved golf (polo-style) or button-down shirt.
  • Black shirts are no longer permitted.


  • School shoes or sneakers in any solid school color (black, gray, red or white) or combination of those colors.
  • Shoes MAY NOT have any other color.


  • SOLID uniform color (black, gray, red or white) socks/tights.
  • NO patterns of any kind are permitted.


  • Students may wear a SOLID black, gray, or red cardigan style sweater, if needed.
  • NO hooded sweatshirts, jackets or sweaters may be worn inside.


  • Any logos on uniform items MUST be no larger than 1 inch in size.
  • NO WRITING or brand names may be on uniform clothing. 


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