Conduct Expectations - “The CCSA Way”

At The Chester Charter School for the Arts, I will do the following to help myself and others succeed:


Be Safe

This means that I walk calmly, stay in my own personal space, follow directions, and remain in assigned areas. 


Be Peaceful

This means that I listen to others and solve problems with words.


Be Respectful

This means that I use appropriate words, body language, facial expressions, and tone of voice.


Be Caring

This means that I use kind words, help others, and think of their feelings.


Be Responsible

This means that I make good choices that help me learn and do my best work. I am on-time and prepared for success each day. This also means that I “leave no trace” and “make it better.”


Be Honest

This means that I tell the truth even when it is hard to do.


Required Uniform 

Students must be in uniform EVERY DAY unless otherwise communicated in writing by CCSA administrators or staff.

Click HERE for uniform information


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