The Chester Charter School for the Arts was founded in 2012 as the result of a charter school application sponsored by The Chester Fund for Education and the Arts (TCF), a charitable non-profit organization. TCF was established in 2008 by several members of the Swarthmore community who desired to positively impact public education in Chester, PA.

In 2008, TCF entered into a public-private partnership with the Chester Upland School District to develop and run the Chester Upland School of the Arts (CUSA) which opened in the 2008-2009 school year. CUSA continued to operate and made significant progress each year until the fall of 2011 when the staff was significantly restructured as a result of state education funding cuts.

Desiring the autonomy to create an exceptional school, TCF and key supporters determined that it was necessary to submit a charter school application. The Chester Upland School Board denied The Chester Fund’s request for a charter. With the support of parents and community members who volunteered to collect signatures and attended hearings to champion the school, the state Charter School Appeal Board overturned that decision in late July 2012.

With little time to spare, TCF, school leadership and several volunteers hurried to enroll students and finalize staff. Throughout August, a slew of staff members, their families and various volunteers worked tirelessly to ensure the building was ready for opening on September 10, 2012. On the first day, The Chester Charter School for the Arts (CCSA) welcomed 325 students and their families, opening the doors to outstanding educational opportunities for the children of Chester.


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