Our Mission

Chester Charter School for the Arts (CCSA) prepares children to employ their intellectual and creative powers to enrich their community.


Our Vision

Upon graduation, all CCSA students will be prepared for rigorous study in a selective college, conservatory, technical school, the military or gainful employment. This means that students will demonstrate:

  1. Scholarship - All students will meet or exceed the standards for proficiency in all academic areas and demonstrate scholarly habits.

  2. Strong Character - All students will exhibit integrity, empathy, and a commitment to serving their community.
  3. Craftsmanship - All students will possess the 21st century skills to create academic and artistic works with high quality craftsmanship.
  4. Purpose - All students will have a clear action plan for their future academic/career pursuits.


Strategic Approach

To bring the vision to fruition, we will embark upon a strategic approach that focuses on developing and maintaining each of the following essential elements:

  • A rigorous standards-based, arts integrated curriculum
  • A safe, nurturing learning environment where self expression is encouraged
  • A collaborative faculty cultivated through purposeful ongoing professional development
  • A family involvement program that provides parents and guardians with a variety of opportunities to learn about and serve the school community
  • Community partnerships that increase academic and arts offerings for students.

Find Us

Chester Charter School
for the Arts

200 Commerce Drive
Aston, PA 19014